Friday, 26 February 2016

How to recover deleted photos from olympus pen

I have an Olympus pen milrrorless digital camera and I enjoy taking photos with the DSLR camera. However, yesterday I accidentally pressed deleted all when I wanted to delete few videos to save some space from my Olympus camera SD card. Those family photos are so important to me and I want to recover those deleted camera photos.

I searched around and luckily found some Olympus camera photo recovery solution. Here's one that helped me:  How to recover photos from Olympus camera

The camera photo recovery tutorial is easy to follow and helped me get back my lost photos from my Olympus digital camera.

It supports all Olympus digital cameras including Olympus pen e-p5 e-pl5 e-pl7 e-pl6 e-pl3 e-pl1 e-p3 e-p1.

So if have similar situation as me, you may try it also.